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Load Bearing Wall Removal​

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Load Bearing Wall Removal

When carrying out a renovation, you may consider removing a load-bearing wall. We’ll help you avoid any unnecessary surprises, replacing the wall with a new beam properly while minimizing disruption in your home.

Load Bearing Wall Removal Services

While carrying out a home remodeling project, one may have to employ services for Load Bearing Wall Removal. The purpose behind such removal is normally to open the living space and add details to a room or expansion.

Removing some load bearing wall is very different from remove an interior wall which does not bear load. Load Bearing Wall Removal is a sensitive task because such walls serve as structural elements on which the weight of a structure rests. They conduct such weight to the foundation and are the primary source of stability to a structure.

Load Bearing Wall Removal or their replacement therefore requires you to hire a professional concern for the purpose. 24/7 Pros Inc. in Toronto for this reason is providing wall removal and replacement services through skilled, qualified and licensed engineers and workers. So if you looking out for demolishing an interior wall and you are confused about whether a wall is load bearing one or not, just contact us for the best advice and services.

Load bearing wall bears joists from the above and carries live loads and dead weights. A load bearing wall is normally replaced with drop beam or a flush. The opening is always different in different cases and so is the size of the beam and its types.

Our experts can also avoid the use of beams by joining the existing joists. Load Bearing Wall Removal as said earlier involves structural elements therefore the beams need to be resized and coded properly. A permit is also needed for the purpose and our experts will guide you in this regard. Factors such as joist span and opening length need to be considered while the resizing of beams.

Normally load bearing walls do not line up exactly with your beam or the load bearing walls that are beneath them. Similarly the alignment of the column or the load point also needs to be considered in the process.

Our Load Bearing Wall Removal services in Toronto will be your advantage of a safe structural remodeling for your home. We will enable you to incorporate sophisticated details to any room or area in a building so that it can meet its true potential. We have engineers which hold memberships of some of the most highly credited engineering associations.

 For Load Bearing Wall Removal, we conduct a one day inspection of your property and then draft out a plan for your purpose. This enables us to devise a cost plan and we will quote you an expense which is reasonable and in line with your budget.

We can use both metal beams and wooden beams while removing a load bearing wall. The beam may be flush mounted or may be dropped below a ceiling depending on the structural dynamics of a property. Similarly we also install posts for the beams and this process needs a lot of care because ineffective incorporation can result in collapse.  

Well the exposition is just to give you an idea that our experts are fully skilled and qualified in this art. So for any project involving home structural restructuring, underpinning Toronto, underpinning foundation, or Load Bearing Wall Removal, hire our experts for the most cost effective services.