What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a method of construction that requires the strengthening of existing foundations for stability or to increase the load-bearing capacity. The process usually involves excavating soil from beneath the existing foundation and creating a deeper base or new foundation to support the weight of the structure. Supports may be required for a variety of reasons, including subsidence, a change in the use of the building, or the need to add an additional floor to a building.


Underpinning Toronto

Underpinning can involve different methods depending on the specific circumstances of the structure and foundation. Some common underpinning techniques include:

  1. Mass concrete underpinning: This involves excavating beneath the existing foundation in sections and pouring concrete to create a new, deeper foundation.
  2. Piled underpinning: This involves drilling holes deep into the ground and inserting concrete or steel piles to support the foundation.
  3. Jet grouting underpinning: This involves injecting a grout mixture into the soil beneath the foundation to create a solid column of grout that can support the weight of the structure.
  4. Screw piles: This involves using a screw-shaped pile that is screwed into the ground to provide a stable foundation.

Basement Lowering is typically carried out by a team of experienced professionals, including structural engineers and contractors, who will assess the existing foundation and soil conditions and determine the best method for underpinning the structure. It is important to ensure that underpinning work is done correctly to avoid further damage to the structure and to ensure the safety of the occupants. for all your Basement Lowering jobs please contact 24/7 Pros.

Underpinning Etobicoke


Underpinning Etobicoke

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Downtown Underpinning:

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